Plan Z Ceramics

Logo & Website Design

The owner of Plan Z Ceramics wanted his logo to feature a zombie head in the style of the Plants vs Zombies video games.  I had fun with this project and made the zombie biting the “Z” in the name.  I used a comic book style font in a neutral earthy tone to suggest the clay of the ceramics.  My client loved the logo so much that he got it tattooed on his arm!

I built the first Plan Z website in early 2014, but completely redesigned it to its current look and mobile-friendly format in mid 2015.  On the website, I used a version of the logo that was better suited for a website header.  The owner wanted a blog, but didn’t want to have to log in to his site to make posts.  Since he was actively posting on his Facebook page, I set up an action so that when he makes a post on his Facebook page, it creates a new blog post and puts event posts into the event page of the website.  The website also features a gallery of his works and a video page that features videos from his YouTube channel.


  • CLIENT: Plan Z Ceramics
  • DATE RELEASED: Logo: April 16 2014
    Website: June 16 2015
  • CATEGORIES: Logo Design, Website Design & Development