Pink Heron Creations

Logo Design & Business Cards

Pink Heron Creations was a side project of mine for selling my handmade crafts and original art.  I created the brand from a modified watercolor painting that I made.  I digitized the painting and added a text pairing that aligned with the feel that I was going for. 

The business cards used a watercolor background.  I used the same fonts as the logo, along with modern block and line elements to contrast with the light, soft feel of the painting.  The back of the card features social URL’s with their corresponding icons.

I also created an e-commerce website (screenshot in the last slide), but the site is no longer live due to the project no longer being active.


  • CLIENT: Pink Heron Creations
  • DATE RELEASED: December 28 2014
  • CATEGORIES: Logo, Branding, Print Media