Conundrum Ranch & Mill

Logo Design

My clients at Conundrum Ranch & Mill came to me for a logo design for their business.  They wanted to convey that it was a lumber mill, but they also wanted to feature the animals that they have at their ranch.  At the beginning of the project, Conundrum only had cows and pigs.  The first concept drawings featured the circular saw with the business name in the center and silhouettes of the specific types of pig and cow that they have above and below the name.

My clients later told me that they’ve added more animals to their ranch and asked if I could revise the design to reflect that.  They sketched out a concept with the business name going around the saw blade and the animal silhouettes going around the center as four puzzle pieces.  After a few rounds of revisions, the above image is the final result.  My clients remarked that it’s exactly how they pictured it.


  • CLIENT: Conundrum Ranch & Mill
  • DATE RELEASED: September 6 2019
  • CATEGORIES: Logo, Branding